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A most powerful eudcational system which shall be universal in character conceived by the Director of SEMAS Academy of Excellence. More than being universal it shall also be unique in content and quality. Education is the incomparable asset to an individual’s life. Instead of starting on high education which is now seen and suffered by parents, termed as money spinner business, the evolution of SEMAS by the Director is of the grass root level; to the kids to begin with.

Nurture the brains of the tender babies to develop into full blossom with desirable habits and simple but nice practices and signs of brightness.

With these profound thinking and friendly attitude towards parents, who are the society, an institution was organised with the name and style of SEMAS Academy of Excellence.

To be trust worthy and regarded as a genuine institution Semas Academy of Excellence is certified as a company, registered in June 2003 under the Indian Companies act. Impressively Semas Academy of Excellence is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. This academy is authenticated, licensed, internationally authorized, having membership in international associations and internationally recognized by various chambers of commerce to teach and train on various Brain development programmes - Brain Gym, Vision Gym, Optimum Brain Organization, Nuro-Semantic & Nuro-Linguistic Programme, Touch For Health and Synergic Kinesiology - Meta yoga and Japanese Abacus and Mental Arithmetic. Simply say it is the only institution in the field of education to provide teaching and training to all categories of people from infants to elderly people for brain and body to have healthy body and healthy mind at all the stages of life.

Children with healthy body and healthy mind is the basic need for a healthy society which is most anxiously expected by parents. It is the same thought and requirement of world social reformers and global voluntary organisations. This quality of education and health is the foundation for the present and future generations to possess, retain and develop for the country to be morally strong and become the people of a meritorious country.

This is an opportunity for intending academicians, Knowledge oriented individuals, group of people, educationists to involve themselves in promoting this as an enterprise, becoming an entrepreneur, not to be under the terminology of business; honestly be on imparting knowledge and building quality of younger generations, eventually building a desirable nationality. Not fleecing the parents but pleasing them with moderate expenditure on worthy education of a very special quality standard. Any one involves himself/ herself or an organization or group of educationists can expect to earn a decent income.