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‘SEMAS’ Academy of Excellence is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company registered under the act of India to teach Brain Development Program and Courses such as Nuro-Semantic Nuro-Linguistic Program (NS-NLP) and In-Depth program of Brain-Gym and adopting the International concept of Mental Arithmetic System using the Japanese Methodology of Abacus (SOROBAN) and Mental Arithmetic (ANZAN) system of Education.

SEMAS is member of Pan Pacific Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Association, affiliated to Miyajima Institute of Soroban Education, which is member of Osaka Abacus Association, Japan has taken an initiative to drive the present need of every student.

Students of SEMAS have been participating and winning awards in International Competition being held at (Indonesia-2003, Taiwan-2004, Singapore-2005, Hong Kong-2006, USA-2007, India-2008 and Malaysia-2009-2010) and also in various countries since 2003.

SEMAS conduct International Grading Examinations of TCOC, Taiwan yearly twice in various centers in India.