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‘SEMAS World’ comprising of all Brain Development courses, has in its fold an international recognition for developing in youths an international advancement for serving nations respectively.

a) For the students population:

In general students Footer a great sense towards numbers due to the unique syllabus advocated by SEMAS to teach all Arithmetic sums within 3 months of Abacus practice. This is due to the attention laid on international concept of Abacus Education.

The speed and accuracy not only increase in general of the students their memory power also is boosted up.

Their general learning ability enhances having its focus on writing skills, Endurance, logic and discovery leading to the promotion of concentration comprehension and imagination and thus their over all performances increase a lot.

The courses under SEMAS world usually activate the brain of the students tremendously and train to face them competition from early childhood.

On the whole, any student under SEMAS World gets his learning power sharpened, improves his efficiency and provides a sense of achievement.

Benefits for the students:
On completion of the courses valid internationally anthenticated certificates are distributed to all the participants.

b) Benefits accrued Parents:

It is but natural that parents, all over the world, take up a lot of interest and responsibility for the cause of their children. They normally explore the hidden talent of their words and build up very high hopes about them.

They should understand that the training under SEMAS improves the calculation ability of the children as well as they perform all the subjects in an exceptional way academically.

The parents can literally see and feel that their children behave independently, endaved with self reliance and enduring all types of responsibility.

They can as well feel, that they are relieved of their stress on account of the behavior and accummolating themselves with the rest of the members in the family.

More truly the transfer of the parents from one place of the parents from one place to another will not affect their children to persue the courses continuously, as any other centre of SEMAS can accommodate them warmly all over the world. They can continue their courses in any part of SEMAS world, without any discontinuation.

It is highly a consoling and southing factor that under SEMAS World, the integrated courses of Educational kinesiology Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Neuro Linguistic programmes tend to improve their health and thus SEMAS World remains to be destroying the causes for the health of the Children.

c) Benefits for the teachers:

It is expected that every teacher is a learner till the end of his life. The subjects taught under SEMAS world are quite interesting. Teachers food inspiration as well as powerful new ranges of methods to engage students completely in learning.

Normally, the opportunity provided for a teacher is not a fulltime but usually a part time job.

Usually, for any avocation in the field of Education, only highly qualified personalities are normally opted.

But in the SEMAS-world a minimum Degree holder with sufficient knowledge in English can thrive very effectively. When centres are locally situated, he need not travel along distance.

Finally, for a clubbable teacher, these courses provides him/her with an excellent opportunity to mingle with children of all categories. They can render quite a useful service and help the children to come up in their life with ‘Ultimate Success’.

d) Benefits to Schools:

The school that envigage the SEMAS world activities, and totally merge, in the SEMAS world, will stand aloof from the other schools in all aspects.

The performance of the children academically becomes a standing examples for the children of the other schools and whatever the field of activities the children of SEMAS world take part will remain quite outstanding and emulating examples for ever.

The aim of the school under SEMAS world is to develop a high level concentration in children in all walks of life. Their skills can be transferred to the children of the institutions.