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Myths and Facts : Get list of Internationally recognized institutions in India
  • Is it true that abacus education improves concentration and photographic memory?
    • Certainly, abacus education helps to improve concentration, memory and photographic memory etc,.
  • Are all the institutions imparting same abacus education?
    • This is a simple question, but needs elaborate reply to understand the facts
  • The simple answer is No.
    • Why?
      • The quality of skill and knowledge, brain development and IQ will vary based on the quality of the institution and abacus teachers. Always there will be difference in quality between the branded items and platform one.
      • For consumable items it is ok to use plat form items for some time, then we can throw them. But, abacus education changes the children’s future. One should not think about the platform kind of quality, this is very crucial to choose the right institution to admit one’s child and get license to teach abacus education to the children in our society. Simply not doing anything is better than spoiling the society by providing unwanted things (i.e internationally unrecognized institutions are fraudulent and bogus institutions).
      • Look for Quality to get real effect in learning and business
        • One can enjoy the real taste of KFC at KFC outlet only, similar kind of product may be available in other outlets and one can satisfy himself that me too enjoyed the KFC type food by eating the other companies products, but he would not have enjoyed the real taste of KFC to know the real taste of KFC product.
      • Lack of Awareness is an advantage to the fraudulence
        • Since there is no opportunities to learn to know the real effect of abacus education one can register his/her son/daughter to any of the abacus institutions available nearby their home and one can choose to do business or teach abacus the children nearby his/her place from the company which has no international recognition, not following international structure syllabus, international formulation of teaching methods, not able to take the children to international events. Because they have the knowledge on abacus educations like ice stick on 10th hand of the persons from the top. The 10th person will not no what is the real taste of the ice fruit when it was in 1st and 2nd person’s hand, as the same the 10th person of institution or teacher will teach abacus what they learnt from the 9th person only.
      • Verify the Check List before join to learn and investment
        • So it is better to verify the history of the institution, back ground of the company, quality of education, teaching methods, syllabus, number of levels, duration of teaching, value of certificate, authentication of certificate of the institution which offer the franchisee, authentication of certificate issued to franchisee, instructor and children. Company’s rights to offer franchisee, where they from learned, how many years in the field, who are the parent company or institution of company offering franchisee and training.
        • It is ridicules if any one spend even a minute or investing even 1$ on the unrecognized or unauthorized institutions.
      • Scientific Illusion become common
        • Also must be aware that all the ISO certified institution on quality management (i.e. in ISO – 9000 series they had stopped issuing the quality management certificates on ISO-9000:1994 at the beginning of the year 2000. Later it was ISO 9001:2000 and now the latest one is ISO 9001:2008) systems are not genuine on their product; ISO quality management certification is for documentation to follow the quality management on office activities. It can be obtained by any shop keeper, saloon, business institution, commercial department etc. to do their activity as per procedure.
        • But the ISO certificate on quality management system, the certificate issuing authority will not check the quality of the product you are selling or manufacturing or teaching and training, will not check any duplication or copied or malpractice in business activities, they will bother about the management system what they follow, they won’t check the genuineness of the product or services.
      • Clarity in Action will give good results
        • So the public who want to do business and join a company to do business and parents who want to register their children in an institution must be very careful about these kind of companies and must verify their authentication before entering into their office to get the real effect of abacus education and its benefits.
      • Nature of Fraudulence
        • People running fraudulent institutions can compromise on everything you demand, also they may offer many things to attract you, because they want to do business for that moment, after that season, they will jump to other popular item to duplicate and market it cleverly to the innocent people.
      • Conclusion
        • We cannot assure your child or business will be successful if you join fake institutions, it is your responsibility to choose the right institution to get real effect on all your learning and investments, here we had given an idea.
  • Is it better to learn short term abacus education?
    • Yes, it is better to learn only the operating system on abacus instead of calculator, but if you want to realize the reality and benefits of abacus you must practice at least 15minutes a day, also at least continuous 2 hours in a week until 3years, this is a must to become a talented person in all walks of life.
  • Long term learning of abacus education is waste of time, what do you say?
    • In-depth learning gives more clarity about the subject, in-depth meditation gives more clarity in one’s life, in-depth abacus education is like teaching meditation in childhood, in-depth practice in abacus education will give more clarity and confidence in every action in their day to day life. So in-depth (long term) learning of abacus is very important to realize the real effect for their future life. Otherwise it will become like using calculator.
  • Is abacus education to improve mathematics?
    • In our life, calculation is involved in every moment and every action. Mathematics is used as base to teach abacus education, but it is not really for mathematics. Abacus education is for brain development, to improve the right brain abilities and to improve the information processing between the brains.
    • So, once the ability of brain functions improves all the area of brain functions will help to succeed in their life for their life time. Abacus education, not only improves the mathematics and creates interest on mathematics, it also helps to improve overall academic skill and helps to tackle the day- to-day challenges.
  • Does abacus education affect the school mathematics and other subjects?
    • This kind of problems and believes prevails mainly among teachers and School managements, but it is not true, please refer to the answer to question no. 5 above.