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SEMAS is offering worldwide business opportunities to enterprising, enthusiastic and qualified persons to take up Franchise for its various educational programs for children age from 2 years old to Professional Training.

Pre-School programs – for children 2 years to 6 years old

Japanese Abacus –for children age from 4 years to 14 years old

Meta-Brain Programs – Soft Skills development program for children age from 11 and above

Metamorphosis - Training Programs for Professional Entrance Examinations.

It is certain that the courses of 'SEMAS will flourish very quickly in their areas / dist / state / country and its procedures to become a Franchisee is very simple and cost of investment also very less.

Centre Head

SEMAS is also offering Centre In-Charge to handle its educational training programs without investment. One can become a business partner to run the SEMAS programs. Income ratio will increase based on the infrastructure facilities established by the business partner.

Partnership opportunity is available for all its educational programs, interested person can contact H.O for further details to earn more money without investment.


Instructors are to be worked under the guidance of SEMAS’s Franchisees.

One can work as part time, but can get the remuneration as a full time worker with very less investment. The cost of Instructor training is very nominal. The time spent to conduct classes to students will be very less (minimum 2hrs per day). There are chances to earn minimum Rs.2000 to Rs.25,000/- per month based on the number of hours spent to teach.

All the educational programs of SEMAS are required instructors to handle the classes for the children age from 2 years old up to professional training program. There are lots of job opportunities in different categories to work as instructor in all over SEMAS educational training centers.


A unique business opportunity has introduced by SEMAS to the parents/guardian or well wishers of the student, this has been introduced based on the feelings of the payers to the students. Every time for every educational program parents/guardians has to be paid from their hard earned money to educational training institutes. SEMAS has realized the burdens of each and every parent/guardians, so that the unique earning opportunity has been introduced to nullify all their financial hurdles and make them financially sound. Every effective Sponsor member can earn minimum Rs.25,000 to Maximum Rs.2,50,000 per month until their children completes his/her training programs.

All the parents/guardians or sponsor of the students become eligible to start earning money when they join their ward to any of the educational training program under this scheme. More details can be obtained from H.O.

TC in-Charge

SEMAS has introduced an unique business opportunity to its members. Nominal membership fee will be collected to become a TC member of SEMAS family. Every TC member of SEMAS will be eligible to conduct all its educational programs. All the effective TC members can earn minimum Rs.40,000 to more than Rs.40,00,000 per month from their centre.

To become a TC member the eligibility criteria, rules and regulation of TC in-charge to be fulfilled by the applicant of TC member. Further details can obtained from H.O.