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Chairman's Profile

  • Doctor of Medicine (Acu.) & Alternative Medicine
  • Hon. Doctor of Education & Health
  • President, PAMA-India
  • Executive Committee Member – Abacus Committee, Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan.
  • Trainer and Consultant - Brain-Gym®, Edu-K, USA
  • Trainer and Consultant - Synergic Kinesiology, USA, Health and Education
  • Practitioner - Neuro Semantics and Neuro Linguistic Program, USA
  • Trainer and Consultant - Touch for Health, Switcher Land
  • Trainer and Consultant - Vision Therapy, Edu-K, USA
  • Trainer and Consultant - Dominant Brain, Edu-K, USA
  • Style Chief of India-Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-kai, H.Q at Japan
  • Founder and Chairman, SEMAS India and International
  • Technical Director, Chairman and Advisor of SEMAS abacus institutions in various countries.
  • Has trained more than 1500 teachers, so far.
  • Has conducted Abacus and Brain development courses in various countries such as Egypt,Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, Oman, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, USA, etc.,
  • Has represented for India in international competitions held at various countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Malaysia and Thailand.
  • Has Organized International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition at Chennai, India on 29th Dec. 2008.
  • Founder of Brainy Kids School for children from 2 years to 6 years old to enhance their right brain skills.
  • Founder of Meta-Brain Program for the age group of 11 years old and above.
  • Educational Therapist and Counselor
  • Consultant for ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia
  • Organizer for International Certification Courses of Educational Kinesiology, USA
  • Organizer for international Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Grading Examinations, TCOC, Taiwan
  • Member - The Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)
  • Member – Rotary Club of Madras Cosmos
  • Countries visited - Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, Oman, Morocco, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA and Canada